Life is about movement!

Every day the world and our lives change...so too with our bodies. We are made to move...if not... things get stuck!  Personal health and well-being has been a great focus for me and I have always appreciated the overall benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

After participating in many sports I came across Yoga over 25 years ago and since then I have developed a great love of this ancient science and philosophy. I believe that it can provide a set of guidelines for healthy living including postures, breathing techniques, relaxation & meditation. All of which can help me to live life in a more thoughtful, mindful manner that can enhance my body, mind and spirit.

Grateful thanks to my teacher and journeyman Jean-Alain d’Argent Director of Dharma Yoga Health Centre who has fostered the love of Yoga in me along with fellow teachers and being continually guided by the classic Yoga texts.

Some of the benefits I have personally experienced include: improved fitness, balance and coordination, better posture, increased self-esteem, training in discipline and responsibility, building strong bones, muscles and greater flexibility, enhanced mental focus and concentration, the awakening of creativity, self-expression and imagination and the soothing our emotions, calming anxiety and increasing relaxation.

Yoga to me is like a vitamin tablet to my whole life! So I invite you to come and join me – your experience will be heartfelt and joyful. You will be in a supportive and caring environment where your individual needs will be catered for. 

About Bernadette

Bernadette is a fully qualified teacher with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from CAE/Box Hill TAFE (1000+hours), she also holds a Master’s Degree in Education and works professionally in education and elite sport. Bernadette has been working in senior education roles and was employed full time at the Victorian Institute of Sport (for 17 years) in the role of Personal Excellence/Athlete Career and Education Coordinator and is currently the Well-being and Personal Development Manager at St Kilda Football Club for the inaugural Women's Team. She is a Yoga Australia Registered Teacher, who is firmly committed to promoting “safe health and well-being”.  Bernadette is currently teaching Yoga in a range of settings listed below. 



Hatha Yoga – is a guided process of postures (asana) flowing movements and stretches linking breathing patterns, yoga philosophy, and relaxation with the aim of building strength and flexibility of mind and body. Class Duration is one hour.



Classes are suitable to all levels of experience and age. In the group session we focus on building overall health and well-being. We progress through a specifically designed program for an overall body workout and often focus on a relevant theme and aspect of the body. Each session will include a warm up, completion of a range of poses, breath awareness, some deeper understanding of the ancient science of yoga and some relaxation time at the end.   Pricing - Casual Attendance $20  or Ten visit pass $180.



Private classes can be a great way to build confidence and learning in Yoga. The class can be completely “tailor made” to your personal needs whether a beginner or more experienced, or recovering from an injury or a particular life circumstance.  Progress can be adapted and modified to your particular body and lifestyle. This can occur within your own home if you wish or privately in my home studio. This scenario can be a little less structured and less formal than a group class. You may wish to include a partner, family member or friend.  Pricing - Private Tuition 1 hour yoga class $80 or 1½ hour class $110. (For 2 people $120 & $180)



More organisations are realising the overall benefits of having a healthy and well staff. Businesses are now providing Yoga classes prior to, at lunch time or after hours on site. Yoga has proven benefits of enhanced well-being, the ability to focus better, builds creativity, and it can strengthen and provide greater flexibility of mind and body.  It can be a calming and reduce the stresses enabling clarity of thinking along with supporting mental health and well-being.  Research has shown that by having yoga at work available – it can lessen absenteeism, reduces hostility and aggression, guards against burn out and builds healthier bodies and minds. All equipment needs can be provided at suitable times for your workforce. Pricing by negotiation. 


Yoga sessions are also available for special events including: key family celebrations, hens parties, men's health groups, well-being expos, schools and educational environments, along with rural and urban retreats. Pricing by negotiation. 

WORKSHOPS - (Duration 2 hour sessions)

Themed restorative 2 hour workshops are available in personalised small groups.  Pricing - Attendance $60 per session.

  • Breathe and Be Calm 

  • Restore and Renew

  • Health and Healing 

Next workshop - date to be advised

Currently Teaching @​        

Portsea Surf Life Saving Club - Members Morning Classes from 18th Dec 21 to 7th January 2022

For all information visit      www.portseasurf.com.au

Guest Teacher at the St Kilda FC SFNL Development Squad June 2021

Portsea Surf Life Saving Club - Members Morning Classes during December 2020 & January 2021

For all information visit      www.portseasurf.com.au

Portsea Surf Life Saving Club - Bronze Camp in December 2019 and Members Morning Classes during December/January 2020


Guest Teacher at the St Kilda AFL Womens Team Camp and the SaintsFit Program in December 2019

Completed Public Yoga Teaching at B Well Yoga @ Classic Wellness, Hampton     

B Wellers - Private Community Group   Hampton     Wednesday evenings during the School Terms 7.30pm – 8.30pm 

B Well - Private 1 - 1 Individual    Private one to one sessions for strengthening, relaxation and healing in preparation and recovery from surgery

B Well - Private Couple     Private one to one sessions for a couple wishing to strengthen and tone their bodies and for overall well-being

B Well - Private Group session     Tailor made group session on a particular them e.g. hip openers, lower back support, relaxation and mindfulness, abdominal toning, leg and shoulder strengthening  etc.

Past Teaching    ​B Well Yoga @ Lululemon Store, Brighton    A free series of 5 classes at the Brighton Lululemon Store 2 Church Street, Brighton, VIC, 3186. Tel 03 9591 0450  

Past Teaching    ​B Well Yoga @ Sweatmaster Health & Fitness Gym, Hampton


"Thank you for helping me discover the benefits of Yoga. Your postures and breathing techniques are excellent and I know my body & mind have improved greatly. You have inspired me and changed my understanding about the “union” of the mind and body.
Thank you again for your generosity, it is much appreciated" Claire M
"Thank you! I never would have believed I would take up yoga at my age and have found I really enjoyed it. Thanks for your professional guidance"  Sue M

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